The listening tree in Scrum

I wonder what you would think if you read this in a colleague’s calendar: Weekly one-on-one with my tree.
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Tell a tale — make the sail (the art of story telling)

It is often said that all successful people are good storytellers. I find this saying inspiring, because I always wanted to be a good storyteller. I was a talkative child. Wherever I went, the place became a cacophonous fish market. I was also the class monitor for most of my classes in school, not because … More Tell a tale — make the sail (the art of story telling)

Agile & PMO

Agile & PMO Agile and PMI methodologies sometimes cross each other paths. What are the challenges which we would face to use Scrum in a PMI’s brainchild like PMO. This presentation contained the prerequisites to achieve this. Related stuff 7 Agile Myths ( Agile PMO Slides ( The Agile PMO ( Top Agile and … More Agile & PMO

Stumble-blocks while implementing Agile (Scrum)

This article was published at Scrum Alliance: == Hi All, This is my first article on Agile. I would like to express my views on “Stumble blocks” for Agile Adoption. Ours was a typical Waterfall team, which believed in SDLC to the core. Our requesters were always adamant in sending countless changes to us … More Stumble-blocks while implementing Agile (Scrum)