My Interview published in Hindustan Times – ‘Love Call, a far Cry’ ~~~ 23rd sep 05.

My Interview – ‘Love Call, a far Cry’ ~~~ Published in HT Love is all about being with the one who stirs your soul, peppers your heart with honey -laced dreams. It is a lot more than the Bard?s Language. just the mention of the same conjures up rosy images of perfumed gardens, passionate twilights,… More My Interview published in Hindustan Times – ‘Love Call, a far Cry’ ~~~ 23rd sep 05.

Agile & PMO

Agile & PMO Agile and PMI methodologies sometimes cross each other paths. What are the challenges which we would face to use Scrum in a PMI’s brainchild like PMO. This presentation contained the prerequisites to achieve this. Related stuff 7 Agile Myths ( Agile PMO Slides ( The Agile PMO ( Top Agile and… More Agile & PMO

Achieving National Integration: Some Prerequisites

India is the largest Democracy in the world. We have been ruled by the English for about 200 years. We have achieved independence on 15th August, 1947. The track of Independence was possible since the seeds of ‘National Integration’ were sown into the people. Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev & thousands of people laid down… More Achieving National Integration: Some Prerequisites

How to lose a job?

I delivered this lightening talk on 21st September in AIM Conference. It inspired people to “love” their jobs (pun intended). How to lose a job? from Gurpreet Singh, M.Sc ,SAFe Agilist, CSP, CSM, LSSGB

Stumble-blocks while implementing Agile (Scrum)

This article was published at Scrum Alliance: == Hi All, This is my first article on Agile. I would like to express my views on “Stumble blocks” for Agile Adoption. Ours was a typical Waterfall team, which believed in SDLC to the core. Our requesters were always adamant in sending countless changes to us… More Stumble-blocks while implementing Agile (Scrum)