Agile Poem … It wasn’t me!

February 1, 2015

Mentoring teams is easy. Who said this?
It wasn’t me!

Resolving conflicts is easy. Who said this?
It wasn’t me!

Requirements gathering is easy. Who said this?
It wasn’t me!

Coaching is just creating boxes. Who said this?
It wasn’t me!

Presentations always tell the true ground stories. Who said this?
It wasn’t me!

A coach’s job is always easy. Who said this?
It wasn’t me! –

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My Interview published in Hindustan Times – ‘Love Call, a far Cry’ ~~~ 23rd sep 05.

July 5, 2013

My Interview – ‘Love Call, a far Cry’ ~~~ Published in HT

Love is all about being with the one who stirs your soul, peppers your heart with honey -laced dreams. It is a lot more than the Bard?s Language. just the mention of the same conjures up rosy images of perfumed gardens, passionate twilights, singing fountains, candle-lit dinners and a relationship where soft whispers echo for a lifetime.

(The following text is chat that happened b/w I and a Reporter of Hindustan Times – Disney Brar)

HT – Love’s the flavour of the season. Everybody has someone to care for.
Gp – Love means Loss Of Virtually Everything.

HT – Hey! How can you be so harsh?
Gp – It is money, not love that drives the world. A fat wallet brings love; a rich man has no dearth of love.

HT – It dilutes hatred and melts even the sternest of hearts.
GP – Many of my friends are in love and they sure lose track of everything else.

HT – Are you jealous because you don’t have a girlfriend?
GP – No, I think, beyond the confines of family one can?t find love.

HT – Are you crazy? Look around, love marriages are on the rise.
GP – They are short-lived.

HT – Are there any rules, which decide that love is doomed? OK, all love classics portray sad ending, but then, love is not about ?Living Happily Ever After?. It’s sacrifice, after all.
GP – Yes, love also has some qualities; it makes one work on oneself.

HT – Edgar Allan Poe remarked that love makes the soul drink with delirious thirst?..
GP – OK, but love is something that has never clicked with me.

HT – Are you a misogynist? Being so paranoid about love and relationships at your age is dangerous, no?
GP – Not at all. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I take life as it comes. it is possible that I may fall in love unconsciously; but consciously; I don?t want to, as it makes you numb towards everything else.

HT – But love, existing within the confines of family; is ludicrious. Can you match love b/w parents & siblings with love b/w a man & a woman?
GP – Why confuse love with infatuation?

HT – It happens but not always. Love at a mature level, is spiritual.
GP – Love is a mirror to one’s soul; it is all about changing oneself to suit the other person?s need.

HT – Exactly, it is all about fitting a jigsaw puzzle. You never know when you find the right match for yourself.
GP – I saw the movie ‘Cast Away’, in which the Hero (Tom Hanks) deserted on an island; lives by assuming that his wife is with him, the spirit of love makes him live, but his wife is married to someone else when he returns.

HT – (We see where it’s coming from) . Don’t let it colour your perception.
GP – It?s confusing.

HT – You won?t know until you fall in love.
GP – Fall in Love , don’t fall in life.

He sits silent. Meanwhile, all around, love s clearly visible in the cosy twosomes strewn on the Campus. New stories commence and old ones flicker passionately, at times, at the brink of getting sniffed away, and at times, glowing bright and full of vigour, baked over the years.

This Interview was published in Hindustan Times; on 23rd sep 05.

Agile & PMO

January 27, 2013

Agile & PMO

Agile and PMI methodologies sometimes cross each other paths. What are the challenges which we would face to use Scrum in a PMI’s brainchild like PMO. This presentation contained the prerequisites to achieve this.

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How to lose your job – the video!

November 15, 2012

I delivered this lightening talk on 21st September in AIM Conference. It inspired people to “love” their jobs (pun intended).

Achieving National Integration: Some Prerequisites

October 11, 2012

India is the largest Democracy in the world. We have been ruled by the English for about 200 years. We have achieved independence on 15th August, 1947. The track of Independence was possible since the seeds of ‘National Integration’ were sown into the people. Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev & thousands of people laid down their lives to achieve this independence. Hence, National Integration is the eternal cause of Independence.

After the Independence; reign of Power slipped from the White Hands into the Brown Hands. These brown hands are the politicians who rule the Nation; virtually. Our Democracy has bestowed many Freedoms to the people. Politics is the lifeline of Democracy. But; these Brownies have misused these freedoms to fill their Swiss Bank Accounts by swindling Public’s Money. The Rath of politics move on the wheels of Casteism, Communalism & Regionalism — over the public – – in the Nation’s Interest. No Indian can forget the Government Sponsored Riots which occurred at: Mumbai & Gujarat; & the Anti -Sikh Massacre of 1984. The guilty behind these riots are still moving scot-free. Moreover; they have injected Corruption & Nepotism into the Government Machinery. The Law Makers have become Law Breakers. Hence: they are posing as a serious threat to National Integration.

Why do the Soldiers leave their Families & risk their Lives — to safeguard the Nation? Are they not Humans?

They do this: because the Spirit of National Integration is engraved on their hearts. They treat the nation as their Big HOME. Because of their harsh duty: we get a sound sleep. Soldiers & other Defense Personnel emerge as the Inspiration for National Integration in the eyes of the public.

Deserve & Desire!

We can’t desire anything from the Nation; unless we don’t deserve it. We should esteem the National Flag, Emblem, Song and Anthem. National Song and Anthem should be played in the Cinema Halls — before and after the movies. These are the mascots for National Integration.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall!!!

No society can persist for long time if its people are not integrated. If we are not united; then one day our Indian Society would become an Extinct Creature on this Planet.

It is better to wear Slippers in ones feet than to carpet the whole earth. So: first of all We have to Change. We should never ask any bribe/ money under the table from anybody.

We should keep a Telescopic Eye on the Background of the Politicians. We should never vote for a Candidate with a Tarred Background. Furthermore; all Tainted Politicians should be completely made ineligible for contesting in the Elections.

So, it should be our foremost duty to keep the lamp of ‘National Integration’ burning in our bosoms. The people enliven a region to make it a Nation .We should pay homage to the Souls of the martyrs by being loyal to the Nation. We should discard Narrow-Mindedness. Lenses are available for a Myopic Eye but not for a Myopic Mind. We should open our minds – like our eyes – to see people from all castes, creed, colour, region, religion, etc; equally.

When we will call ourselves as the Indians & not Punjabis, Gujaratis, etc – – then; only; India will be prosperous in the Right sense.

How to lose a job?

September 21, 2012

I delivered this lightening talk on 21st September in AIM Conference. It inspired people to “love” their jobs (pun intended).

Marriages – Sets and Upsets

August 25, 2012

An insight on marriages

Stumble-blocks while implementing Agile (Scrum)

August 25, 2012

This article was published at Scrum Alliance:


Hi All,

This is my first article on Agile. I would like to express my views on “Stumble blocks” for Agile Adoption.

Ours was a typical Waterfall team, which believed in SDLC to the core. Our requesters were always adamant in sending countless changes to us at all stages of the project flow. It led to a lot of rework, decrease in customer satisfaction, increase in the number of bugs and so on…

Hence, our leadership thought of bringing a new methodology which was very fruitful when it was applied in another location, a few years back: Agile… as the name suggest, the whole framework is very flexible (read: Agile).

We faced numerous stumble blocks while we were attempting to “adopt” Agile: I would list the prominent ones below:

1. Inertia

We are performing so well: Why would we change? Why are we giving the liberty to the client that he/she can change the scope at any time? How would the projects be completed?

Honestly, it is very difficult to tame the inertia of the team. We ran several round of meetings to educate the team about the Agile (read: Scrum) framework. We started off as a Pilot and we finally implemented in the whole service line.

2. Discipline

Discipline is the core of Scrum. We need to reach in time for all meetings. We setup a “Softy” meter; this means whosoever is late for some meeting (unless it is an exception); he/she needs to bring Softy for the entire team. This way we enjoyed a lot of Softies in the initial phase and gradually the Softies got abolished as there were no more defaulters. Moreover, we also faced an issue of not time boxing the meetings. Our stand-ups got extended for as large as 30 minutes as there were parallel discussions erupted and diverting the whole agenda of the meetings. Probably, the Scrum Master should have intervened so that the team is following Scrum in totality.

3. Responsibilities

An Agile team is self-organizing team motivated enough to work for a common goal for the company. However, during the initial adoption time, people are not aware of their roles. A Product Owner should be focussed on achieving Client’s business piece of the project. A Scrum Master should act as a facilitator to help in removing the impediments. The team should be self-organizing and they have the liberty to size the stories and pull the stories individually (No PUSH) and assign the stories in the Product Backlog, which can be accommodated in the Sprint.

4. Pre-requisites:

The Product Owner and the Scrum Master should not be the same person and should not be the direct reporting manager of either of the team mate. A Product Owner needs to be a single person and not a committee. Both of them should be 100 percent dedicated to the project. In case they are working on multiple projects, they need to draw the line in such a way that the team and the project is always taken care of.

5. Expectation Setting

The expectations of the client needs to be set “wisely”: e.g. if the client is finicky about budget, then it should be communicated clearly to them that we will give an approximate cost estimate daily, however, if you have any hard stop of “any figure” of cost, we will forward the product in the current state to him/her.

6. Empirical Nature

Scrum is empirical in nature.  Never make it too “calculative” or mathematical: it will destroy it’s core purpose. As for example, always use a rough hand to draw Burn down chart to keep it simple and meaningful: if we make it too accurate using rules and scales, we end up wasting a lot of time on the same and doing the real work: the burn down chart will never be maintained if this is followed. Another example is “Sizing”. Never size a story for the estimated time involved. Sizing is a measure of the complexity of the task. It should be universal in nature: the size should not change if a senior developer takes it or a junior developer takes it. Sizing should be relative: e.g. stories should be sized relatively to each other. Several techniques can be followed (T Shirt size, Average, Fibonacci, etc). Also, the “Definition of done” needs to be set (Acceptance criteria) to judge if a particular story is done or not.

7. Customizations

Agile hates people working on multiple projects simultaneously. If a PO does not have bandwidth, then a Proxy PO is setup to fulfill his vacancy. This Proxy PO does everything in the guidance of PO: hence, it might lead to the “distrust” of the Proxy PO in team’s guidance (lack of power). Also, a few companies do not have Scrum Masters so the PO does the dual role of Client’s Person and the Team’s Person (Scrum Master). This leads to internal conflicts as the PO is a single person. Sometimes, a person acting for a PO for a project is made to act as a Scrum Master for another project (giving respect to his schedule). This is a win-win situation for this customization.

Now, we are purely an Agile team. Honestly, the transformation from a Waterfall to Agile methodology was very difficult: several pilots, extra hours, weekend trainings, regular coaching, ego-clashes, inertia-conflicts, etc. We are a happy Agile team: Scrum, Sprints, Retros, Review meetings, discipline, etc are in our DNA, now.

Please feel free to write back with your feedback on this.




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